Upward Bound Participants Visit Sueltenfuss Library

Upward Bound Program

      Sueltenfuss Library welcomed students from the UPWARD BOUND program to the 2nd floor Information Skills Lab from June 9 -18.  Their instructor, OLLU graduate student Vanessa Jimenez, actively engaged the program participants in the writing and reading processes. They learned to think creatively and critically through creating their own text and while reading other material. Students were given an opportunity to tell life stories through personal essays and by finding inspiration in text, their experiences and the world around them.

     The goal of the Upward Bound Program is to increase the number of high school students who will pursue and graduate from a four-year college or university.  Upward Bound assists program participants through the college preparation, application, and financial aid processes.  Additionally, program staff  maintain contact and provide assistance to Upward Bound graduates during their college years to help ensure their college graduation.

     Students visited Sueltenfuss Library from three host high school campuses: Burbank, East Central and Floresville. These high school students have decided to dedicate a portion of their summer in preparation to enter college as first generation college students.   We wish them great success in the program and hope to see them again as OLLU students in coming years.


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  1. Pam Riggs

    Wow, Vanessa! I didn’t know you were teaching The Upward Bound Program. That’s pretty cool!

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