The Wandering Mural

The centerpiece of Sueltenfuss Library, Jesse Treviño’s mural “La Historia Chicana,” appears as if it were created for this space overlooking the second floor. In truth, this is the mural’s third home since Treviño painted it in 1974.

Mural in Student Union Building

Students playing table tennis in the Student Union Building, 1970s

Treviño is a celebrated artist, his work revered nationally as well as throughout OLLU’s campus. “La Historia Chicana” is currently in a spot where it is protected but is viewable by anyone visiting campus. Would you believe the mural’s original location was not so protected? It started out in the building that now houses the campus bookstore, but in the 1970s it was the Student Union Building, a good spot for students to enjoy a game of table tennis or a cold beer!

In 1981, University leaders realized the art treasure needed more protection and moved it to St. Florence Library in what is now known as Walter Center.

Mural in St. Florence Library

Mural in St. Florence Library, 1980s

Of course, when Sueltenfuss Library was completed, Treviño’s mural was moved to its current position of honor. In the following 2001 Lake Currents feature, you can see Treviño supervised the installation himself.

Lake Currents February 2001

Mural relocated to Sueltenfuss Library, 2001

To learn more about artist Jesse Treviño and his connection to Our Lady of the Lake University, visit University Archives in Providence 6A or contact Archivist Anna Beyer, 210-434-6711 x2338, .

For more information about artist Jesse Treviño:

History of Sueltenfuss Library — “La Historia Chicana”

Smithsonian Oral History Interview

Artist Jesse Treviño documents cultural institutions of San Antonio 


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