Sueltenfuss Library Bog was created in September 2008 for the purpose of mainly informing its users of anything to do with the library. This includes updates on library events, new scholarly resources, and news about the library and OLLU campus and surrounding community.

The contributors of this blog are Ebony Fondren, Collection Management & Web Librarian; Steven Wise, Head of Reference & Instruction; and Judy Larson, Library Director.


2 responses to “About

  1. Ram de la Rosa

    I just discovered the Library Blog and really like the idea.
    I’m enrolled in the PhD Leadership with OLLU and use the online databases extensively.
    Couple of comments:
    1. I have come across some broken links in the browse journals area. Maybe the subscriptions are not available?
    2. The process for requesting journal articles from OLLU (ie..embargo, or journal only available at OLLU) is very cumbersome.

    I’m looking forward to the new EBSCOHOST Integrated search. Hope that solves of the other issues we come across.
    Thanks and great work on the blog!

  2. Thank you for showing interest in our blog!

    In reference to your comments on the journal finder; would you happen to have the titles of those journals with broken links? The subscriptions are probably available, but sometimes there may be an issue with getting access to a journal if you are off-campus.

    I am sorry that requesting journals are inconvenient for you, but due to the publishers we can not change what we have access to. When it says journals are only available at OLLU it may mean that they are in print only.

    EBSCO Integrated Search should be more convenient and enable you to find articles easier!


    Ebony Fondren
    Collection Management & Web Librarian
    Sueltenfuss Library
    Our Lady of the Lake University

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